Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prayer Requests

Hello to all you wonderful people who have made me feel so thoroughly supported and sent on this mission trip!  I am leaving today!  Thank you for all the prayers you have prayed already.  Here are my prayer requests as my team departs:

-          Safe travels; peace and calm while traveling
-          That God would both speak through us and speak to us as we meet with His church in Kampala, Uganda
-          For a fun celebration of the opening of the first Galileo School
-          That God would give me wisdom as I hold medical clinics and do health teaching
-          That God would use us to share the Gospel with those who are not Christians, as well as to strengthen and encourage the Christians there
-          For wisdom for the Galileo School board as they meet with village communities and scope out the location for the next school

The names of the team members are: Scott and Georgianna Noel, Chris and Abbey Carter, Jaklin Kaden and Nick Upathum, and Anne Cates.

Here’s a tentative itinerary for what we’ll be doing over the next 17 days:

-          May 21-22: Meet with Church on the Rock in Kampala
-          May 23-25: We’ll be staying in Gulu and spending our days in Bul Kur at the school.  There will be a field day for the children, medical clinics, and meetings with the community
-          May 26-27: We’ll be staying in Apac, holding medical clinics and meeting with the community.  This may be the site of the next school.
-          May 28-29: We’ll travel to several villages scoping out sites for future schools (Lira, Barlonyo, and Kitgum)
-          May 30-June 2: Vacation at Murchison Falls
-          June 3-4: Return travel to US

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  I will take your greetings to your brothers and sisters in Christ in Uganda; and I will come back with a full report!

With love,
Katie Joy

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